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  • We understand that not every small business has the financial flexibility to invest thousands of dollars in a single month. To address this, we have introduced the monthly tier option. For a monthly fee of $149 CAD plus applicable taxes, you can enjoy comprehensive benefits, including hosting costs, unlimited edits, 24/7 support, lifetime updates, and Google Analytics, as long as you remain an active client.

    The monthly tier requires a minimum commitment of 6 months, with the option for month-to-month thereafter. Cancellation is hassle-free at any time with no penalty, except for early cancellation fees equivalent to the lump sum plan's cost.

  • While we all appreciate quick results, it's essential not to compromise on quality. At STRMLNE, we prioritize delivering excellence by taking the necessary time to ensure each project is executed meticulously. On average, our turnaround time for most websites is 2-3 weeks from the project's initiation to its successful launch. For more intricate sites, anticipate a timeframe of 3-5 weeks.

    This deliberate approach allows us the time needed to perfect the design, rigorously test responsiveness, optimize performance, and ensure that all analytics and SEO elements are finely tuned and ready to go. Quality and precision are at the core of what we do, ensuring your project receives the attention it deserves for a successful and impactful outcome.

  • All sites come with standard 5 pages. For any extra pages, we charge $100 CAD per additional page. The pages can be added at any time during the project or after launch. Simply let us know what extra pages you need and we'll get them added for you.

  • Complete blog functionality and design can be implemented for a flat rate of $249 CAD.

  • This will be a case by case basis as each project is different. Typically, we would quote the work required and give you an estimate using our standard $50 CAD/hr rate.

  • If not on a monthly tier, the lump sum option involves a one-time fee of $749 CAD with a monthly $20 CAD fee which covers hosting, 24/7 support, updates and analytics.

    Compared to the monthly tier website, which has unlimited edits, edits to the site will be charged a standard $45 per hour with a minimum of of 1 hour of work.

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